About Supermassive Productions

Supermassive Productions, formerly known as HD Republic Productions, has been producing film and TV shows for over 13 years with over 600 episodes, 12 series, one film, and counting.

Docu, Docu-Reality, and Scripted.  Creativity is our core competency.

By keeping budgets low and expenses constrained, Supermassive reaps a high return on its invested capital while keeping film and television maker’s visions intact and focusing on mass market fare.

Robert Bennett – Executive Producer

Robert Bennett is a 20 year veteran of the entertainment and media business and has produced television programming, Direct to Video specials, broadcast specials, and magazines under various production and publishing companies he has led including HD Republic Productions, CSC Communications, and Presidio Media.

Besides being a seasoned executive, Robert is an accomplished producer, director, writer, and understands the core economics of the film and television business. Robert Bennett, wrote, directed and produced Supermassive’s first film, the hit “Frat Party”.


William Garcia – Executive Producer

William Garcia, a Multi-Suncoast EMMY® award-winning producer is based in Los Angeles, California.  Having a passion for television and film, he has been involved in filming and producing television and feature films for over 25 years. As a producer and director of photography, he started his
career at ABC-TV in Miami, FL in 1983. Traveling the world, he documented programming on historical events and news stories across the Globe.  In the 1990’s he was selected to represent WTSP-TV in a Soviet/American journalist exchange program with USSR Gosteleradio from the former Soviet Union during perestroika. His work in the former Soviet Union earned him a Sungoast Emmy for best documentary and an award from The Radio and Television News Director Association. He also covered the Space Shuttle missions from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration facility in Cocoa Beach, FL and was instrumental for the weekly sports television show ”Sports Jam Live” and “The Don Shula Show” covering the NFL and MLB for the South Florida television market. William, filmed some of the most newsworthy, political, sporting and historical events of the late 20th Century for which he won over a dozen awards and nominations.  After 15 years in live television, news, and sports programming, William transitioned into General Manager for Moving Pictures in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. a leading provider of rental and production services.

The company provided services to independent producers, television broadcasters, commercials and in 2004 William produced and directed the Grammy Nominated song Antes from Obie Bermudez, the music video he produced and directed reached number one on the MTV Latin America, Top 20 Music Video Countdown. A popular award-winning music video and commercial producer/director, he has produced and filmed some of the biggest names in music including
musical legend Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, Juanes, Shakira, and Christina Aguilera just to name a few artists.

Since 2005, William’s feature film and television credits include the award-winning film ”Red Bird,” the critically acclaimed ”Loren Cass” nominated for; The Gotham Independent Film Award, Locarno Leopard Filmmakers of the Present, and Cinevegas Grand Jury Prize. William followed the success of Loren Cass with The Palm Beach International Film Festival Audience Award winner ”The Shift” starring Danny Glover.  His Spanish films include ”Amor Y Frijoles,” ”Mi Verano Con Amanda 3”, and the smash hit ”Quien Paga La Cuenta?” one of the top-grossing films of all times in Honduras. In 2017 William completed the feature film ”American Dreams” starring Brad Dourif and Mekhi Phifer, the web series ”H8ters” for studio Astronauts Wanted/Sony Entertainment. In television and digital media William has worked for the following broadcasters; MTV, TLC India, AWE, VH-1, Animal Planet, HBO, and many others.

Peter Dirlis – Producer / VP Distribution

Peter Dirlis is an established professional with 20 years of entertainment marketing and management expertise. He is a results-driven leader with a strong track record of creating growth and incremental revenue domestically and internationally. Peter directed advertising, promotions, and brand expansion for the hit reality show Cheaters®. Peter was also public relations liaison for Cheaters® to shows such as Mind of Mencia, George Lopez Show, The Maury Show, Talk Soup and The Jay Leno Show.  

Additionally, Peter has participated and is well versed in the developmental process for film and television, producing shows such as Selling Yachts, Selling Jets and Selling Mega Mansions.