About Supermassive Productions

Supermassive Productions, formerly known as HD Republic Productions, has been producing film and TV shows for over 13 years with over 600 episodes, 12 series, one film, and counting.

Docu, Docu – Reality, and Scripted.  Creativity is our core competency.

By keeping budgets low and expenses constrained, Supermassive reaps a high return on its invested capital while keeping film and television maker’s visions in tact and focusing on mass market fare.

Robert Bennett

Robert Bennett is a 20 year veteran of the entertainment and media business and has produced television programming, Direct to Video specials, broadcast specials, and magazines under various production and publishing companies he has led including HD Republic Productions, CSC Communications, and Presidio Media.

Besides being a seasoned executive, Robert is an accomplished producer, director, writer, and understands the core economics of the film and television business. Robert Bennett, wrote, directed and produced Supermassive’s first film, the hit “Frat Party”.


Peter Dirlis – Producer / VP Distribution

Peter Dirlis is an established professional with 20 years of entertainment marketing and management expertise. He is a results-driven leader with a strong track record of creating growth and incremental revenue domestically and internationally. Peter directed advertising, promotions, and brand expansion for the hit reality show Cheaters®. Peter was also public relations liaison for Cheaters® to shows such as Mind of Mencia, George Lopez Show, The Maury Show, Talk Soup and The Jay Leno Show.  

Additionally, Peter has participated and is well versed in the developmental process for film and television, producing shows such as Selling Yachts, Selling Jets and Selling Mega Mansions.